Rob Kevwitch

Rob Kevwitch, Master Brewer

Rob Kevwitch, Master Brewer

Rob is an organic chemist who worked in the chemical field for over 10 years before deciding to take his chemistry knowledge, formulation ability, and team-building expertise into the brewing industry.

After earning a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Arizona, Rob started his career at a mid-stage startup company developing chemical formulation to be used with scCO 2 in the removal of photoresists and other compounds from semiconductor wafers. That position led Rob to Intel, where he managed a surface analysis lab at the company’s largest production facility, and then to an early-stage startup focusing on the development of catalysts for vehicle emissions and new ceramic solutions for body armour. Subsequently, Rob joined a large chemical company that focused on formulating green chemical solutions for the oilfield industry. 

Rob is credited with formulating the first aqueous non-emulsifying agent to meet the standards of the Clean Water Act and be made acceptable for use in the Marcellus Shale formation. During his formulation days, Rob took up the hobby of brewing and founded Grist Brewing Company, a small craft brewery in Colorado that has since grown and expanded year-over-year in the most difficult market for craft brewing. Throughout his career, Rob has authored seven refereed journal articles and has been awarded 11 patents.

Rob’s education in organic chemistry has taught him how to recognize or conceive a problem, lay out at a plan, and execute that plan to solve that problem. He has applied that same problem-solving approach to all aspects of his life. “Whether the problem is developing a new beer recipe or trying to figure out how to survive the next 16 miles of a mountain bike ride with 3,300 feet of elevation gain and no water, all things in life can be overcome by recognizing the issue, developing a plan, and executing the plan,” he says. 

In his spare time, Rob can usually be found running his boys to either soccer tournaments or Tae Kwon Do classes.