Natasha Murataeva

Natasha Murataeva, Cell Biologist

Natasha Murataeva, Cell Biologist

Natasha Murataeva is a Cell Biology Lead at Province Brands. She has 11+ years of experience in cannabinoid pharmacology, having researched the molecular mechanisms of cannabinoid signaling at receptor and cellular level and also in whole organisms. 

In her previous position Dr. Murataeva focused on augmenting healing mechanisms with endogenous, synthetic and phytocannabinoids. She led a team to discover molecular targets that regulate intraocular pressure, cellular migration and proliferation, and worked on identification and development of drug candidates with commercial potential. 

Additionally, Dr. Murataeva has a deep understanding of addiction mechanisms and synaptic plasticity through her work on hippocampal and retinal neurons. She has expertise in experiment design and protocol development, resources and risk management as well as team building and leadership.

Dr. Murataeva received her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Doctor of Philosophy in Neuroscience degrees from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, USA. She has been published in various journals including the British Journal of Pharmacology, Pharmacological Research, and Neuropharmacology. Please view a full list of her publications and citations here.