Team Member Spotlight / Carte Blanche March 1, 2019


Aydan Büşra Çelik, Business Development & Fundraising Intern

Hello! My name is Aydan Büşra Çelik, and I am an intern on the Business Development & Fundraising Team here at Province Brands. I am currently on a gap year from Princeton University and will graduate in 2022. Some of my activities include design (I run a gen z consulting and design firm called ughnest), social justice (I run a club called Woke Wednesdays, focusing on life at campus specifically for POC), helping my parents run their restaurant (I have had experience working at the restaurant for nearly 10 years), and coding (check out some of my work on my website). I aim to serve as a voice for my generation, and I tend to be a leader in almost all activities I participate in. 

My goal during this year is to invest myself into the marijuana industry. Why, you ask? Well, as a teenager involved in social justice and entrepreneurship, I believe that marijuana is the future. While America is years away from legalization and controlled regulation, I know that marijuana has the potential to shake up multiple industries and change millions of lives. I want to get involved in the industry now, at prime time, before legalization.

I reached out to Dooma from the Princeton alumni network and was in awe by the work Province Brands was doing. I was fortunate enough to get a spot on the team and I look forward to learning how to work with a professional team and learn the in and outs of the cannabis industry.