Team Member Spotlight / Carte Blanche January 4, 2019


Dylan Rogers, Business Development & Fundraising Manager

My name is Dylan Rogers, and I’m excited to have joined the Province Brands team as Business Development & Fundraising Manager to continue my career in the best industry on earth. Though I’ve only worked full-time in the industry for 16 months or so, I was lucky enough to have family members invest in the space back in 2013 when the medical cannabis laws changed and as such have been following the industry like the back of my hand ever since.  


After building a following commenting on the cannabis space online, I was approached by two websites ( and CannaInvestor Magazine) to start producing content for them.  At the time, I was working as a Business Intelligence Analyst at Medavie Blue Cross and timing my work day so that I could be available to trade the open and close of the markets (much easier to do on Atlantic time like I was). Since I had purchased my first stock only a year and a half prior, I couldn’t believe that I was going to be paid for my commentary. I did that for almost a year prior to being approached by a friend who worked at Organigram who informed me they were in need of someone in the Investor Relations department who could also do financial analysis. Sixteen months of getting to learn and work under the CEO/CFO at a leading Licensed Producer later, I am ready for my next challenge.

Province Brands is a super interesting opportunity for me both as a potential consumer and as an employee looking to advance his career. From the consumer perspective, I am excited as hell to not only try the first beer brewed from cannabis, but that I get to try products which are free of barley, making it so that people who suffer from IBS (like me) can enjoy a beer again without the risk of it ruining the rest of the week. From the career side, I can’t wait to build on my past experiences within cannabis by getting to work in the fastest growing segment within our sphere. The vision is ambitious, but being able to potentially work for a company that creates the cannabis products of tomorrow is incredibly motivating.


My interests outside of cannabis are wide ranging and change depending on the day but can generally be found within the following areas: Sports, politics, music, finance and probability (+EV for life). One of my main hobbies over the past two years has been building statistical sports betting models in a number of sports so if you happen to run into me over and are a sports fan, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I look forward to growing with this company!