Team Member Spotlight / Carte Blanche November 30, 2018


Steven Brencur, Financial Analyst

My name is Steven Brencur and I am a Project Manager with the Productivity Team at Province Brands. I heard about Province through a chance encounter with a recruiter on LinkedIn. After learning about the company, the management team, and the visionary nature of the product I was hooked. I, like many others, spent the next 3 hours searching the internet looking for news, videos, and anything that had any mention of Province in it. 

As a professional, I am a PMP certified project manager with extensive experience working in operations and manufacturing environments. My past experience has given me the opportunities to work in the marine, snow and ice, and drive and control sectors. While Province Brands’ core business is outside of my career focus to date, I have developed a broad understanding of project management in organizations that have technically complex projects. I have implemented a Project Management Office that's primary focus was to ensure the company was working towards the right goals, at the right time. Project management to me isn't just about making lists and Gantt charts but also ensuring accountability and that information is communicated to the right people when they need to know it.

As an individual, I spend my time with my wife and three children exploring nature, traveling, playing sports, and swimming at the cottage lake. I also have the added role of being the taxi driver to swim lessons, beavers, girl guides, birthday parties, and other very important social activities for children under the age of 8. The idea of providing my children with a safer alternative to alcohol when they grow up resonates with me. I am pleased to be part of the team seeing this revolutionary product to market that will be embraced (and enjoyed) by generations.