Legal & Finance Update October 5, 2018



Hi everyone,

As you know, Province Brands is holding its annual general meeting on October 11, 2018 at 2:00pm EST. As part of the meeting, you will be asked to vote on various corporate matters. In addition to voting, all shareholders and noteholders will be required to complete a ‘Letter of Transmittal’.

The Letter of Transmittal, among other things, outlines what will happen to shares in Province Brands after we complete the transaction with Colson Capital. Ultimately, shares in Province will be exchanged for shares in Colson Capital.

Each of you needs to complete the following Letter of Transmittal with an original signature, and mail it to AST.

Letter of Transmittal Honest Inc.

I know I mentioned to some of you that a digital signature is fine, but it seems an original is required.

This is some helpful info for filling this Letter out:

Do I need to fill out the box on page 2?
If you have requested and received a physical share certificate, then you will need to fill out this box. If you have not received a physical share certificate, then you do not need to fill out this box.

Do I need to fill out any of the boxes on page 3?
If you plan on registering your shares in Colson Capital in a different name than what you currently hold your shares, then you need to fill out the appropriate box. If not, then you do not need to fill out these boxes.

Do I need to sign on page 4?
YES! The column on the right is required to be signed by all shareholders and noteholders. Please complete in its entirety. Please ensure you include your full legal name, telephone, email, SIN/SSN, and any other applicable information requested.

Can I digitally sign the Letter of Transmittal?
No, an original signature is required.

Where do I send the Letter of Transmittal?
On Page 8, there is a list of addresses. Please print, complete, sign, and send the Letter of Transmittal by registered mail/trackable mail to: 1 Toronto Street, Suite 1200 Toronto, ON M5C 2V6 Attn: Corporate Actions.