Legal & Finance Update September 7, 2018



  • This week we had a great initial meeting with a lobbyist team. We are hoping to work with regulators to make sure our products are categorized fairly an accurately within the forthcoming regulations. 

  • We submitted the Series A2 Securities Filing.

  • We submitted an initial draft of the Business Narrative for Filing Document for the CPC transaction.

  • We are making significant movement on the licensure front. We are working to have about 4 of our license applications submitted by early October.

  • We had a call with the president of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance and we are looking forward to accepting their invitation to join their trade organization. 


  • We are looking forward to finalizing the lease agreement and meeting with the landlord for an on-site property viewing next week. We believe this will be the last stage in securing the leased premises.

  • We are looking forward to creating our first new subsidiary to hold our licenses. We plan to create it this week.

  • We also plan to finalize our agenda and notices for the AGM. 


  • We are working on an interesting legal issue that requires us to find paths to legally ship hemp between the US and Canada. If you know any one who specializes in this are of the law or agricultural law please let us know.

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