Legal & Finance Update July 13, 2018



  • This week was full of work on our patent. It was one of the more pivotal weeks for the science and legal team because finalizing our first patent application is a huge milestone for the company. I am confident that this patent application is symbolic because it is the first of many that we will submit.
  • We also submitted our application to obtain a manufacturers license from the Onario alcohol and gaming commission.
  • We submitted an offer to lease a property in Grimsby.
  • We have prepared and filed our annual tax returns.


  • We are looking forward to so many projects this week—namely finalizing steps for the annual meeting; working with the fundraising team to close the current round; completing our audited financials; and completing our alcohol and gaming license.
  • We will be supporting the team during the due diligence period for the offer to lease that we submitted.
  • I am looking forward to working with one of the advisors to our company, Aman Chatha, to solidify and secure our white labeling agreement efforts. We have at least one agreement at negotiation phase and are hoping to have several more by the end of the summer.


  • This week we don’t need anything urgent. We are just pressing along and working hard.
  • We would like help find low cost software for tight version control for our Word/Visio documents and Delta View Change Pro software system. 
  • We are looking to buy new computers for the new team members. 
  • We could use help from anyone who knows an IP professional that works with small companies.
  • We are looking to bring on a finance intern. Let us know if you can suggest any young people who would be interested in working with a startup.