Productivity Team Update August 31, 2018



  • The research neurobiologist we made an offer to accepted. We’re looking forward to welcoming her to the team in October.
  • Dooma also has a new executive assistant who will be starting on the 10th. We’ve already completed the Productivity Team’s on-boarding for her, and Dooma will start his on-boarding this week
  • Unfortunately, the extraction specialist who accepted our offer had to withdraw from the role. It’s always disappointing when something like this happens, but it’s better to have someone realize the position isn’t right for them earlier rather than later. We’ve gone back to our recruiters and hope to have new candidates soon.
  • We signed with two new recruitment firms for engineering hires and held kick-off calls with each, as well as our other new generalist firm.


  • We now have several interesting new candidates for process engineer (with more expected soon), and we need to make sure those interviews happen quickly.
  • Our team had a very productive call with the founders about how to improve our hiring success, and we’re working on planning some trainings to improve our interview process, and also revising some of our job descriptions to better target the interests of different hires.


  • If you know of any great recruiters, particularly those with a specialty in engineering, please contact