Marketing Team Update June 22, 2018



  • The Marketing Team paused work on brand guides this week and instead geared our focus towards the presentation and tour day for potential big time investors. Although the meeting has been rescheduled to an undetermined date, we are now ready when they are. Gustaf has been completely absorbed in his work with the presentation slides and itinerary handout. Kim has been preparing the details for hosting the investors and ensuring that all members of PB who will be presenting are set up properly for video calls.

  • In addition to the efforts that went into the anticipated meeting, there are a number of other projects going on. We are creating a press release for the strategic alliance agreement with Element GP. We finalized a proof of the Province Brands hat that many fans are wanting to get their hands on. We are taking over Ryan's responsibilities with the glass manufacturer, We reviewed some outer box templates for bottles and cans. We are also discussing labeling options with a new company in Wisconsin.    


  • Cambridge Bay bottle
  • Furthering process with outer packaging and bottle labels
  • Focussing back on our brand guides


  • Text feedback on the labels
  • Ping-pong with the regulations and warning texts.
  • Help from Ryan in the bottle production process