Product Team Update November 30, 2018



  • Unexpectedly we were notified that DME has gone into receivership. DME was selected as the supplier for the brewhouse so this created some concerns regarding the timeline. We have since made arrangements with the receiver to purchase a 20bbl system that was in stock.

  • We finalized the 1000L trial at FPI but there were some struggles caused by the new enzyme. There was a significant amount of suspended solids in the solution causing us to halt the solid/liquid separation at INRS. The solution was placed in storage and the team has made arrangements to filter the solution using a filter press at FPP on Tuesday. The team had identified this as a required step in the process prior to the challenges at FPI.

  • We experienced a set back with the brewing/flavor trials this week. The residual smoke smell/flavor from the INRS samples completed in Nov carried over after fermentation. We are investigating the source of the smoke smell/flavor and will develop a plan to reduce/eliminate the impact of these going forward. Further flavor trials have been postponed until we resolve the issue with off flavors from the Hemp processing.

  • We have received the second quote and Ehvert’s recommendation for demolition work. The recommendation will be reviewed this week.

  • The security plan has been submitted and reviewed with David Hyde’s team. We have also received the first pass of the HVAC drawings from Evhert. These have been reviewed/commented on and resubmitted.

  • A used bale feeder, Pierret chopper and tornado pulper have been sourced and we have arranged to have a physical inspection completed on these to confirm their condition.

  • Loyalist has is in the process of finalizing the comparison of using a single stage pre-treatment process versus a 2-stage pre-treatment process. The findings so far have shown no benefit to using a 2-stage process


  • Tuesday night the team will be focusing on the pre-treatment process and how best to reduce/eliminate the smoke smell/flavour.

  • Colin, Rob and Erin will be traveling to FPP on Tuesday to run the FPI solution through the filter press.

  • Finalize the demolition agreement and HVAC design.

  • Attending the town counsel meeting on Monday night to introduce ourselves to the mayor and town counsellors.

  • Continue working with packaging line suppliers to provide designs and quotations.


  • We need to arrange financing for the capital items.

All, Product TeamDooma Wendschuh