Product Team Update July 27, 2018



  • Reactor trials for “chemical-free” pretreatment optimization 2-factor, 3 level (150C, 170C, 190C at 60, 90, 120 min) were completed, biomass characterization and enzymatic assessment will finish up next week.
  • Met with DuPont and discussed technical aspects for further improvement of enzyme performance and costs for pilot and commercial scale
  • Planning a pilot plant 100 kg trial at FPI for Process and flavor iterations
  • Continued talks for larger scale production of hemp extract (Renmatix and FPI)
  • Started process to get BTRUK xylose yeast from Winnipeg for testing
  • Talked to BC Hops Company Abbotsford, BC
  • Talked to researcher at Innotech, Alberta, about real time monitoring (Raman spectroscopy) of cannabinoids in beer


  • Reactor pretreatment trial to mimic pilot scale 2-stage will be run, with accompanying biomass characterization and enzyme assessment
  • Chose process conditions for hemp production based on lab studies
  • Next week more enzyme work:
    • kinetic trials with variation in loading
    • higher temperature trial for Viscamyl (DuPont)
    • enzymatic hydrolysis without buffer, using pH manual adjustment
  • Chose and order enzymes for pilot scale (100kg) and larger scale 10 ton
  • Order hops, yeast, consumables for next brew in 20-gallon system from 100kg trial at FPI
  • Continue planning for larger scale hemp extract production at Renmatix, NY.
  • We have approval from zoning at the Town of Grimsby for our brewery. Another hurdle jumped in the process of leasing this location. This week we will move forward with the lease and site plan proposal, pending approval of our water/wastewater demands. 


  • We need help sourcing 10 tons of hemp stock/fiber in the United States.