Product Team Update July 13, 2018



  • We filed our patent.
  • At Loyalist, we started to process hemp in the reactor for some small test batches.
  • After our visit to FPInnovation (TM-BIO) the previous week, we got their quote approved for lab testing trials. We’re in the process of planning our next large-scale trial there with 100-300kg of hemp converted to extract for brewing at Loyalist College.
  • The search for a building continues with a lot of movement. We are exploring additional building options through Daniel Sax. One in Bancroft is of particular interest at this point.
  • An old military base on Prince Edward Island also has interesting options for buildings. We are actively researching them as well. And we scheduled a time for our engineering firm to review the building in Grimsby.


  • Starting enzymatic hydrolysis on prehydrolysis pulp to make beer for flavor iterations at flask scale
  • Getting the quotation for pilot scale hemp extract production at FPI
  • Procuring additional enzymes and brewing supplies
  • Completing due diligence on the building in Grimsby.


  • The building in Grimsby is looking positive, however if anyone knows of any industrial space 60 – 100,000 sqft with 20' plus ceilings...please reach out to
  • We are exploring working with team in New York State. If you have any suggestions for locating 800kg of hemp fiber in New York State, contact