Product Team Update June 1, 2018



  • We are in the “conditional period” prior to signing the lease at Bowater Mersey Paper Co., Brooklyn, Nova Scotia. We visited the location to speak to Nova Scotia Lands Engineer and previous Bowater plant manager for purposes of evaluating the use of the remaining mill equipment at the site and to speak with a demolition specialist. A meeting was held with one potential engineering contractor to discuss plant construction.
  • Province Brands and Loyalist College hosted a journalist from The Guardian for an interview
  • At Loyalist College, the hemp wort fermentation was successful and was put into cold crash. We are getting ready to bottle the hemp beer and send it to analytical labs this week. Research is proceeding as expected.
  • Progress on full-scale equipment this week: A meeting was held with a consultant on the bioprocess side and MNDAs signed to further talks with Renmatix on accessing bioprocess equipment for hemp extract production at their pilot facilities in Rome, NY (Andritz equipment) and Kennisaw, Georgia (Plantrose Technology).


  • Working on the patent revisions and sending the finished beer for analysis
  • Talks with Renmatix
  • Planning the Brewery design and assessing functionality and feasibility at the Bowater location


  • Help with finding used brewing equipment 50 hL – 100 hL fermenters and brew house