Product Team Update May 25, 2018



  • Last week we attended the Lift Expo in Toronto (Erin, Elad, Andrew and Meghan) and Dooma made a presentation in Halifax at the Canadian Brewing Awards and Conference
  • A term sheet was signed by Province and Aqualitas for Province to sublease a property at Port Mersey Commercial Park in Liverpool, Nova Scotia for the brewery location. Next steps will be engineering inspections during the conditional period, planning the demolishing and equipment assessment, finalizing the sublease agreement.
  • At Loyalist College, fermentation samples were sent off to two labs for flavonoid analysis as part of our data mining for the final patent. Patent revisions are under way and the remainder of the hemp extract was brewed and now in fermentation
  • Progress on full scale equipment this week: Marijuana oil extraction equipment was specified, sized and quoted for two different vendors, Rocket Synergy 4D Rotovap was quoted from one vendor, quotation for services to use an “Andritz” pilot plant in Ohio for hemp extract processing for commercial scale validation is under way


  • Discussions with Andritz are planned for accessing bioprocess equipment for hemp extract production at Andritz pilot plant, Ohio and to engage a consultant for services in the process design engineering of the full-scale equipment
  • Getting back on track with the bioprocess optimization and enzyme research at Loyalist, now that the final beer is in fermentation
  • Planning the Port Mersey pulp and paper equipment assessment and demolition


  • Help with finding used brewing equipment 50 hL – 100 hL fermenters and brew house