Legal & Finance Update June 22, 2018



  • This week has been very full with licensure work. We signed a joint venture agreement with a new partner and will start working on a white labeling agreement.
  • We are also ramping up our white labeling agreement efforts. We have two new agreements in process and are hoping to have several more by the end of the summer.
  • The finance team signed an engagement letter with Paradigm and also is working to prepare our taxes. 


  • We are looking forward to our audited financials wrapping up. We are filing our second wave of IP trademarks. We are also finalizing our security clearance forms for our Health Canada ACMPR license.


  • We really need help find low cost software for tight version control for our  word/visio documents and  Delta View Change Pro software system.
  • We are looking to buy new computers for the new team members. We could use help from anyone who knows an IP professional that works with small companies.
  • We are looking to bring on a finance intern let us know if you have any young people who would be interested in working with a startup. View job description
  • We need help from anyone who owns a bar or has connections with the liquor board or provincial alcohol licensure.