Legal & Finance Update June 1, 2018



  • We drafted and submitted an initial lease agreement for our potential brewery location in Nova Scotia.
  • We submitted a Licensing Agreement for Yukon Brewing to act as our contract brewing company.
  • We found a path to market for our alcoholic beverage products in the Ontario area.  
  • The CBC press release is final. (Read it here)
  • We plan to finalize our D&O insurance application.


  • We our looking forward to additional comments from the Bus Dev team regarding the letter of intent for our partners in Greece – we are hoping to set up our first international partnership.
  • We will be sending out notices for our annual shareholders meeting.
  • We are sending the bottle label for the Cambridge Bay beer out for approval by the LCBO this week. Once they give us the OK we will have a finalized language for the bottle label. We believe that this is a good approach because we will have received the OK from a regulatory body and can rely on that. Let us know if you have any familiarity with this process we welcome all additional suggestions. 


  • We would love to chat with anyone who has done business with the Beer Store and has experience placing product on the shelves in the Beer Store.
  • We are looking to bring on a finance intern let us know if you have any young people who would be interested in working with a startup. View job description
  • We need help from anyone who owns a bar or has connections with the liquor board or provincial alcohol licensure.