Legal & Finance Update May 4, 2018



  • This week I went on a tour of the science facilities / CROs that we have been working with to brew beer. It was pretty inspiring to see all of our lab scale projects scaling up to the investor tour.
  • Licensure is the main focus for the team and we have hired a security consultant to help with the cannabis licensure. While we feel confident that the team could handle this on our own in most normal circumstances, we decided to work with a consultant because Health Canada is used to working with consultants and is very familiar with their forms. We believe the consistency with past applicants will work in our favor for approval. Also, we know that time is of the essence and we don’t want to risk having the process take longer as we navigate a steep learning curve. As such we had our consultant review the top brewery location and there were no red flags.
  • We also have been working on securing a partnership to establish a license to sell our products in the EU – initially Greece.
  • We have updated our patent for final submission and revised portions of our strategy.
  • With respect to going public we are getting quotes for any specialists that we need to advise the CPC transaction. We have nearly finalized our options valuation / Black Shoals model.


  • We are looking forward to securing a lobbyist firm. We believe the firm will help us secure meetings with government officials as they finalize the rules on cannabis beverages.


  • We are looking to bring on a finance intern let us know if you have any young people who would be interested in working with a startup.