Team Member Spotlight / Carte Blanche August 10, 2018


Faye Almeshaanto, Business Development and Fundraising


My name is Faye, and I’m part of the Business Development and Fundraising Team. I’m so thrilled to be working with Province Brands at this pivotal time. Most of my background is in regulatory compliance. I spent years at a start-up back-office service provider in the wine, spirits, and beer industry in Miami. The past 2 years, I’ve been finishing up my MBA from the University of Toronto, during this time I was introduced to the cannabis industry through a consulting project with one of the larger licensed producers in Canada, Aphria. 

Looking at my background, it’s probably easy to see why I would be interested in Province, but it’s more than just that. I was looking for a company that wanted to do something new, something revolutionary, that would make a difference in the world. Learning about Province has blown me away, trying to create phenomenal, fun products that are better for people! I had to join the team.


On a personal note, I love traveling to new destinations and trying exotic foods. This past year I’ve been to Oman, Israel, Brazil, and Peru (If you are also a foodie, then Peru is definitely a must!). My plan for next year is Ecuador, Colombia, and Japan.