Team Member Spotlight / Carte Blanche July 27, 2018

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Greg Foster, Product Team Leader

I have been working in the brewing industry for the past nine years and have been fortunate enough to hold a variety of roles that have allowed me to work from one end of the operation to the other. As part of my experience, my work has varied from procurement to project management and, most recently, as the Director of Continuous Improvement. If my experience has taught me anything, it is that all businesses need to adopt the philosophies and methodologies behind continuous improvement. I strongly believe that if you are doing the same thing today as you did yesterday, you will not succeed. 

Brewing is an exciting business and comes with its own subculture. The people are truly passionate about their products and leaving this business was never on my mind. I was a committed team player and proud of my contributions to my company. That said, things changed when I got a call from a recruiter in California who convinced me to meet with a few people from Province Brands to talk about what they are doing. It was just 5 minutes into the conversation with Dooma that I was hooked. I could see how Province was going to disrupt and challenge not only the beer industry, but the entire alcohol industry. I wanted in. Once I got the offer to work for Province Brands, I was left with the option to live a safe and comfortable life working for my current employer or to take the risk and give it all up to be part of something revolutionary.  Without risk there is no reward and playing it safe only makes you soft. I am excited to be part of the Province team and look forward to causing a little chaos in the alcohol industry.

Outside of work, I live a very healthy and active lifestyle. Although I worked for a brewery, I do not drink often. The negative impacts of alcohol have kept my drinking to a minimum. I am eager to be part of the creation of a safer, social option to alcohol.