Team Member Spotlight / Carte Blanche June 15, 2018


Na'im Jones, Intern

Hi, my name is Na'im Jones. I'm a junior computer science major at Hampton University from Baldwin, New York. Being able to develop websites and applications is a favorite hobby of mine. I also love to play sports, especially football. I have played football since I was a child. Sports and computer science have helped shape my kind, helping, and caring personality. I'm also an avid volunteer. Being able to help people and volunteer gives me such a great feeling. My favorite community service is when I go to Harlem, in Manhattan, the day of Thanksgiving to help feed the homeless. Going out there on 125th street and giving people or families full meals gives me a feeling like no other.

I also love to experience new things. For example, what I aspire to do most is travel the world, network, and gain new experiences and abilities while having fun. I became interested in the cannabis industry when I witnessed a plethora of close friends and family using marijuana to help aid the ongoing pain from surgeries. They chose marijuana instead of the traditional medicine that is usually prescribed because it lacks the addictive properties. Lastly, I joined Province Brands to gain more experience in the field as well as putting my computer science skills to use.