Team Member Spotlight / Carte Blanche May 11, 2018


Andrew Del Fatti, Intern


I’m Andrew Del Fatti, a Business Development Intern here at Province Brands. I’m currently in the process of completing my MBA at Rotman School of Management, a program which requires its students to seek out an internship prior to graduation. As I explored potential opportunities across various industries, I was introduced by my career coach to Elad, who is an ex-student of hers and leads the Business Development team at Province. We had several productive conversations about the emerging cannabis industry and Province’s potential place therein.  Ultimately, Province’s potentially disruptive products along with a chance to be involved in the growth of an exciting new industry had me eager to join the Province Brands team.


Though I’m now a business school student, my academic background is in science, particularly biophysics. Professionally, my previous experience is in the manufacturing industry working for a start-up called NeoCast. Having worked at NeoCast from R&D through scaling and successful launch, I excel in fast-paced environments where the best is expected. I see this in the team here at Province and am certain that the future holds great things.

Personally, I’m an avid musician and a travel enthusiast. By extension, I love immersing myself in foreign cultures and feeling the new sounds and experiences that stem from their music. Having played instruments from a young age, I’ve made a conscious effort to ensure music stays a part of my life.