Product Team Update May 11, 2018



  • Last week we hired two part-time laboratory technicians and research is progressing well at Loyalist College
  • Interviews were held last week for a process engineer to join the Product Team
  • The pilot hemp extract was concentrated, wort was produced, and fermentation is now underway
  • We expect to hear back from the real estate office on the Grimsby location for a brewery Monday or Tuesday next week. The landlord was reassessing expenses for modifications to the building.
  • Two new potential brewery locations were found, and we are ready to submit offers to lease if Grimsby is not moving forward. Negotiations on the Aqualitas location in Nova Scotia is still ongoing


  • On Wednesday, our CEO will take part in two exciting interviews in Belleville at the lab, one with the CBC.
  • Progress is being made on procurement of plant equipment (i.e. bioprocessing of Cannabis, ethanol removal from beer, marijuana oil extraction, etc.)
  • Next week we will start bioprocess optimization in the new lab reactor
  • Next week we will start an analytical research project with Shawinigan College and CNET, Quebec for analysis of our cannabis beer identifying unique plant components


  • Help with obtaining germinated, non-viable hemp seeds for brewing
  • Help with finding used brewing equipment and a brewery location