Product Team Update May 4, 2018



  • Last week the product team was busy helping to host an investor group at our CRO Quebec facilities and the research lab
  • Still waiting to hear back from the real estate/landlord on the Grimsby location after the final sign back was submitted. Negotiations were started last week on the Aqualitas location in Halifax N.S. and will continue this week
  • The hemp extract produced in Quebec was analyzed and we concluded that high sodium was the cause of the high conductivity (and osmotic pressure). To eliminate this, next time we will use on-line pH control instead of a buffer system.
  • The hemp extract fermented successfully in lab testing. We will investigate flavor and alcohol enhancement by xylose utilizing brewing yeast  


  • We will follow up on the Grimsby offer, negotiate the Nova Scotia opportunity and investigate other options for a brewing location
  • The hemp extract will be concentrated in glucose at CNETE using reverse osmosis and sodium will be removed using diafiltration on Monday. It will then be shipped back to Belleville on Tuesday and wort produced Wednesday with fermentation to follow


  • Help with obtaining germinated, non-viable hemp seeds for brewing
  • Help with getting two employment contracts for our part-time technicians at Loyalist College
  • Help with interviewing and hiring a process engineers for the new position on the Product Team