Product Team Update April 27, 2018



  • Last week we “signed back” the sign back offer to lease the Grimsby location and we are still pursuing other locations and an opportunity in Nova Scotia.
  • The hemp extract was processed after enzymatic hydrolysis to separate solids from liquid in a continuous centrifuge pilot unit at INRS in Quebec City and was brought back to Loyalist College for characterization
  • For the hemp extract, we are in the stages of performing analysis and characterizations (HPLC for compositional, further second stage enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation testing). Brewing has been delayed so we have time to understand the product at this point and ensure we can optimize the process
  • We are working with contract research organizations to perform some specialized analytical services for unique plant component identification


  • We will follow up on the Grimsby offer, seek to submit offers on any potential properties as good as or better than Grimsby and send a team member to negotiate the Nova Scotia opportunity
  • The team will host potential investors and a take them on a tour in Quebec of the CROs and the Loyalist lab
  • We will complete the analysis of the hemp extract and decide on how to concentrate, if needed


  • Finding a location to build our brewery
  • Looking for an exceptional Process Engineer/Design Engineer (Chemical Engineer) with industrial experience