Legal & Finance Update April 13, 2018



  • We have done significant work on our LP application and preparing for our alcoholic beverage licenses. We had several meetings with LP consultants and plan to hire a new consulting firm next week.
  • This week Ira from our team spearheaded his first all hands call to establish the process and steps for going public via a CPC.
  • The TSXV approved our joint venture with CBW. What does this mean? Well, now that the deal is approved we can move forward with actually exchanging shares which is the final step in consummating the transaction. Additionally, this approval gives our team the ability to set up a subsidiary which will be the eventual vehicle where the LP and LD licenses will be established.


  • We are looking forward to brokering an initial call between our auditors and the team leading the Blackshoals valuation of our employee options.
  • If you missed the call we held to help investors navigate the Shareworks/Solium platform, you are in luck. We plan to hold another call soon. If you still haven’t signed up or need help logging on please contact Krina Merchant at
  • We are looking forward to welcoming a new member to the Legal & Finance Team next week. You can learn more about him in this week's "Team Member Spotlight."


  • We need help from someone who has experience with contract brewing facilities. We would love some practical advice about the contract brewing process.  
  • We really need help finding a low-cost software for tight version control for our Word/Visio documents and Delta View Change Pro software system.