Legal & Finance Update April 6, 2018



  • This week, on the finance side, we started the process to get a Blackshoals valuation of our employee options. This valuation is necessary for our audited financials. We sent over all the remaining documents that the auditors requested and worked on reconciling our share grants. We also distributed Personal information forms in connection with the going public transaction.
  • On the legal side, we held a call to help investors navigate the Shareworks/Solium platform. If you still haven’t signed up or need help logging on please contact Krina Merchant at
  • We added all the final documents to our team member portal.
  • We distributed and began completing security clearance forms – which is the first major step we have taken towards licensure! It is no surprise that our fearless leader, Dooma, was the first to complete his clearance form. 


  • We are looking forward to the last stages of our Blue Sky filings; completing our circular for the annual meeting and getting all the PIF forms completed.
  • We will also be welcoming a new team member in two weeks so the prep work has already started for that process. 


  • We are definitely interested in chatting with anyone who has run a brewery in Canada. We would love some practical advice about the permitting and licensure process for breweries.
  • We really need help finding a low-cost software for tight version control for our Word/Visio documents and Delta View Change Pro software system.