Product Team Update April 13, 2018



  • Last week there was movement on the building location. In a call with the owner of the Grimsby location, we were informed that they have been seriously assessing the modifications needed to suite Province’s needs and are eager to work with us. We are expecting a response to our offer this coming week
  • We have had a starting discussion with Andritz on the needs for our bioprocessing equipment for making hemp extract and will have continued talks with their team
  • We were present at our Quebec Contract Research Facility in Trois Riviere last week as the pilot scale validation of the hemp extract production began. This week we will also be monitoring this process on location, taking samples at various points in the process for analysis at our lab at Loyalist College by our team to assess efficiencies of conversion
  • Last week at our research lab in Loyalist College, the bioprocess pressure reactor was assembled, and the hemp characterization was completed. Evaluation of the food grade enzymes began


  •  We will follow up on the offer to lease in Grimsby
  • The pilot validation trial for hemp extract production at the Quebec CRO will finish and brewing will commence. The analysis of process streams taken at various points will be characterized for conversion efficiencies
  • We will have the HPLC installed and get it up and running


  • Keep an eye open for used brewing equipment/facilities with 60,000 SF within 2 hours of Toronto.