Business Development & Fundraising Team Update March 16, 2018



  • We are excited to share the great news about Province agreement with Cannabis Wheaton on the path for us to become an LP. We are still waiting for regulatory approval of the transaction between Cannabis Wheaton and Province Brands.
  • Decided that our next round will be through a convertible note. We will share the final details once we finalize them.
  • Done more research around the CPC as an option to go public and are starting to push towards that route.
  • Had a preliminary phone call with a potential CPC, with which we can potentially do an RTO.
  • Started updating our business plan as part of preparing for the next round of fundraising.


  • We will update the business plan to reflect the current status of Province Brands.
  • Preparing the legal documents that will allow us to start the next fundraising round.
  • We are continuing our work to receive a license in a European country.
  • Continuing to look for a facility for our brewing house.
  • Do cost-benefit analysis on the different facilities to allow us to chose the best one.


  • As we start working on our CPC, we are looking for potential directors (with experience at public companies). Please contact us if you or someone you know is a good candidate.