Business Development & Fundraising Team Update March 9, 2018



  • We are still waiting for regulatory approval of the transaction between Province Brands and a leading LP. This strategic alliance will result in Province receiving a license to produce cannabis products.
  • Met with a few Investment Banks to discuss our next steps on what method to choose when going public. Our preferred path is via CPC (Capital Pool Company), and we will do our due diligence to see if and how it will fit with Province Brands next steps.
  • The financial model is done and ready for our next round of fundraising.
  • Pushing forward with a potential partner in Europe which will help us receive licensing in a European country.


  • We will update the business plan to reflect the current status of Province Brands
  • Create a plan for our next fundraising round.
  • We are continuing our work to receive a license in a European country.
  • As more merchant banks approach us, we are checking for the best partner to help us raise our next fundraising round. We are scheduled to have meetings with two IBs this week.
  • Continuing to look for a facility for our brewing house.


  • As we start working on our CPC, we are looking for potential Directors (with experience at public companies). Please contact us if you or someone you know is a good candidate.