Business Development & Fundraising Team Update March 2, 2018



  • Both the LP and Province signed the strategic alliance which will result in Province receiving a license allowing us to produce cannabis products. This transaction remains subject to regulatory approval.
  • Followed up on our meetings generated from the Cannabis Private Investment Summit in Miami.
  • Pushing forward with a potential partner in Europe which will help us receive licensing in a European country.
  • Continuing to work our new financial model. 
  • Spoke with one of the world’s leading cannabis researchers who has a potential accelerant for our beers


  • We expect to have a final financial model within a couple of weeks.
  • We are continuing our work to receive a license in a European country.
  • Continuing to update and improve the business plan.
  • As more merchant banks approach us, we are checking for the best partner to help us raise money for our next fundraising round. We are scheduled to have meetings with two IBs this week.
  • As negotiations with the location we found aren’t proceeding as we'd hoped, we are looking for more options for our brewery location with favourable terms.


  • Suggestions on what is missing (or over mentioned) in the business plan. If there was a part you felt was not clear enough or any information you felt was missing, let us know