Product Team Update March 23, 2018



  • We continue to source food grade enzymes for testing in hemp/marijuana extract production from DSM and ABEnzymes, and we are in contact now. So far, we received eight enzymes from Novozyme and DuPont/Genencor in total that will be tested at the Quebec contract service provider, Innofibre's facility
  • The pretreatment portion of the lab testing on custom hemp extract production at Innofibre was completed this week. Discussions and planning continues for larger scale including RO for concentration, transportation, brewing, etc.
  • The brewing equipment was purchased, supplies/equipment is continually arriving (HPLC, reactor, shaker, small wares, fridge, freezer, etc.) as we set up the lab and mill the dried hemp at Loyalist College
  • Three offers to lease a building for the brewery went out this week and we have heard back from only one. We expect to have responses from all three offers early next week


  • Monday, March 26th: the Loyalist students will begin their employment and their schedules will be coordinated to start training and experiments
  • The enzymatic hydrolysis will commence on Monday, March 26, at Innofibre. Results to follow after Easter weekend, April 2nd.
  • We continue to discuss final arrangements/conditions for scale up of hemp extract production scheduled for mid April, including concentration, transport, etc.
  • We will prepare our recommendations for hemp/marijuana beer analysis to generate data for the patent


  • Finding a building 40-80,000 SF where we can set up the world’s first cannabis brewery