Legal & Finance Update February 2, 2018



  • It has been a busy week for our team. We are working diligently on the deal with our potential LP partner. Jennifer spent most of the week in a war room at Bennett Jones working to finalize all the documents for the deal. This includes: 
    • Replying to additional due diligence requests
    • Revising and commenting on the share exchange and strategic alliance agreements
    • USA
    • Escrow Agreement and
    • Other ancillary documents
  • We have been working to draft all the paperwork regarding offers to new candidates and the related payroll set up process once they accept an offer.
  • This week was also the first full week for Ira Levy - the first finance member of the team. 
  • Ira has been working to get us organized so that we can meet our reporting requirements in a timely and effective manner. This includes:
    • Installing a general accounting software package
    • Initiating discussions with external accounting firms for preparation of a future audit
    • Investigating the requirements for future public offers, whether they are IPO, RTO and which exchanges would be our best option.


  • We created our SEC account this week and look forward to receiving approval of our account so that we can start the online reporting process regarding Blue Sky filings.
  • This week we plan to file the Form 45-106F1 that we completed the schedule for last week.  
  • We also look forward to finishing the schedules for the CBW transaction as well as additional negotiations on the deal documents.


  • As our team gets larger, we are interested in investing in a program that helps with tight version control for our Word/Visio documents.