Team Member Spotlight / Carte Blanche March 2, 2018


Erin Johnson, Bioprocess Engineer

I am a Chemical/Biochemical Engineer, specializing in Bioprocess Research. I am proud to be on Province Brand’s Product team. My R&D experience in brewing and lignocellulosic (plant) conversion to bioproducts, both in industry and academia have merged together in my new role, helping to make the world’s first beer made from the cannabis plant. I am passionate about products from fermentation - from medicine to fermented foods and beverages. I have always been fascinated with nature’s massive array of microorganism and their diversity. From this, I am for fungal enzymes to convert plants to sugars and yeast to ferment sugars to beer. The chemistry of beer is astounding with it’s 1200+ chemical species. The fact that Homo sapiens have brewed beer for thousands of years in the same way is remarkable. The Province adult beverages dare to be different. I am thrilled to be a part of a formidable team and am inspired by the unique opportunities.

My habitual summer vacation is outback canoeing the 4,000 km of Temagami where the Anishinaabeg thrived for 9,000 years. I marvel at it’s splendors. Full moons and the call of the loons. Here my family has created ever-lasting memories and deep bonds. My leisurely activities include dancing around the coffee table to Sharon, Lois and Bram, singing “five little monkeys” with my five little grandbabies, building boats to sail the Stoney Creek, pony and wagon rides on the home farm.