Product Team Update February 15, 2019



  • The big focus this week is the FIFCO tour.

  • The product team has been working spending a significant amount of time answering the technical questions asked by the FIFCO team. As part of this analysis, we have been working to update the operational costs. All revisions will be sent to Ira to be added to the financial model.

  • The Lab scale trials at Glen Falls are continuing, we anticipate seeing results towards the end of next week.

  • The Alfa Laval recommendation has been submitted to the board for approval. I have a follow up call with John Nemanic to review the recommendation.

  • The initial cost estimates for the lab came back higher than anticipated, so we are redesigning the lab to fall within a budget of $2.5M. New renderings should be received later this week.

  • The filter press trials were completed at FPP this week.

  • Working with Ira to secure financing for equipment


  • Finalize the lab drawings layout and begin the tender documents.

  • Submit tenders for lab HVAC.

  • Submit RFQ for the automation and controls.

  • Organize the shipping of the Andritz equipment to Grimsby.

  • Receive the Andola equipment.

  • Submit the line design and cost to the board for approval.

  • Continue production of samples through Loyalist.


  • We need an engineering student to help us the design documentation

All, Product TeamDooma Wendschuh