Product Team Update February 8, 2019



  • The Loyalist team will be finalizing the beer samples for the Cambodian investors. Once this is complete the priority will shift to completing samples for the FICO investors.

  • The schedule for sample availability has been published on the Biz Dev channel in Cliq. Assuming things go as planned, we will be able to produce 3 sample bottles of beer per week, starting on March 4th and ending on April 8th. Smartsheet 020017 has been built out to indicate when samples will be available.

  • The Alpha Laval equipment purchasing recommendation will be submitted to the board later today. This equipment will support the dealcoholization, clarification and quality of our finished products

  • The filter press trials were postponed last week and rescheduled for Tuesday. The purpose of these trials is to confirm that we can use a filter press to remove the solids from the sugar solution.

  • The process trials at Glen Falls started late last week. There are seven conditions in total, and each will go through the following process: Pre-treatment (cook); Sugar analysis; Enzymatic hydrolysis; Sugar analysis

  • The conditions are staggered, so we anticipate seeing results from the initial trials by early next week.

  • An alternative source for used packaging equipment has been sourced. We will receive pricing later this week. If the pricing is attractive, we will consider investigating the equipment further.

  • Pre-treatment design and engineering continues.

  • The equipment from Andola (filter screens, pumps, motors, etc.) will be arriving next week.

  • A responsibility matrix has been created to distinguish who is responsible for what in the design/construction for the pre-treatment plant, brewhouse, packaging line and facilities.

  • Today we will be finalising the plan for the separation of the power between the two properties


  • An RFQ for the line automation controls will be submitted next week.

  • Further discussions with Alpha Laval need to take place, we believe there are further options to reduce the cost of their services.

  • We will be shifting focus from the brewhouse/line to work on the laboratory design. The objective will be to reduce the overall cost estimates.

  • Once the Glen Falls results are in, we will be looking to develop the supply chain requirements for creating hemp-based sugars at contract facilities.

  • We anticipate that we will be using multiple partners to achieve the desired outcome.

  • Continue to develop the scopes of work for the contractors on the responsibility matrix

  • Finalize the line design and submit for board approval.


  • We require additional support to help with the engineering and design documentation. We would like to hire an engineering student.

All, Product TeamDooma Wendschuh