Product Team Update February 1, 2019



  • Although delayed, the hemp was received at Glen Falls (GF) on Friday. Issues in transportation have put the trials 2 weeks behind schedule. Andritz has confirmed that the trials on the de-acidulation and hot water process will begin immediately. The trials are expected to take about 3 weeks to complete but the team will be looking for ways to expedite the results.

  • The filter press trials will be completed this week on the tote of material held in cold storage. These trials will be used to size the press and medium requirements.

  • We have reached an agreement with SUNY College Environmental Sci. & Forestry (ESF) to identify the compounds causing the off smells/flavour. SUNY came at the recommendation of Bertil. One Liter of filter material will be shipped to SUNY after the filter press trials.

  • Negotiations for the Vincent and Andola equipment have been completed. The purchase of this equipment was previously approved by the board, so we will be proceeding immediately with acquiring the items.

  • Robyn and Dallas are working to create enough sugar extract to create 2 sample bottles of beer for when the FIFCO investors arrive.

  • Our new chemical engineer, Travis, will be starting this week. Travis will be supporting the entire product team, but his immediate task will be working with Colin to develop the required engineering documentation.

  • The revised Alfa Laval quote has been received and reviewed by the team. Further details and clarifications are required on several items, but we anticipate having this information by the end of the week.

  • The exterior renderings of 270 Hunter Rd have been submitted to the town and the landlord (Liuna) for approval. Fengate has confirmed on behalf of Liuna that we are approved to proceed.

  • Finance has received a list of equipment and quotations for upcoming purchases that will require financing.


  • Continue to monitor the work at GF. Once the results are received, we will determine if more immediate test are required. There is currently enough hemp at GF to run several rounds of test.

  • Burkert has agreed to provide us with equipment to begin trialling infusion. We will not be trialling or manufacturing any active ingredients. The purpose of these trials is to help determine the equipment to be used in the infusion process.

  • Follow up with the town of Grimsby on the power requirements and approval of the engineering drawings.

  • Thomas is creating a list of potential pre-treatment plants capable of supporting our process requirements. Once the results from the lab trials at GF are completed we will work to secure the most cost effective supply network for producing the required hemp extract.

  • Additional items we will continue to work on include: Yandi Gold; Laboratory drawings; Pre-treatment front end; Brewhouse layout, including Alfa Laval equipment


  • We are looking for any and all information on the infusing cannabis into beverages.

All, Product TeamDooma Wendschuh