Product Team Update January 25, 2019



  • Packaging line quotes have been received from Krones, KHS, CFT and BW. The goal for this week is to short list this down to 2 potential suppliers and negotiate pricing

  • The RFQ for the boiler and several other pieces of pre-treatment equipment will be received this week.

  • Burkert has received the PO for the 20bbl brewhouse and the equipment has been ordered. Burkert will continue to work on the final layout of the brewhouse, incorporating in the Alfal Laval equipment.

  • The Loyalist team has been running trials on fresh product received from Innotec. In addition to this they have working to create samples (2 bottles) of beer for the end of Feb.

  • There was a delay in shipping the hemp out to GF, putting us at least 1 week behind schedule. We have the tracking information and will continue to provide updates.

  • Travis Defoe will be starting with the product team today. Travis comes from a chemical engineering background but like Rob has somehow worked his way into brewing.

  • We received the laboratory construction plan from Ehvert. We will review that this week and confirm it is in line with our internal project plan.


  • Colin will be submitting the RFQ for the Phase 1 boiler. This unit has been sized to operate the 20bbl brewhouse and pulping/washing portions of the plant.

  • We will finalize the specs for the glycol and air system so that we can issues RFQ for this equipment.

  • Work with the packaging line providers to finalize layouts and quotations before the end of Jan.

  • Continue trials at Loyalist and Glen Falls.


  • We are falling behind on engineering documentation and would like to hire a student to support this.

All, Product TeamDooma Wendschuh