Product Team Update January 18, 2019



  • We will be starting new pre-treatment trials at Glen Falls. The purpose of these trials is to look for alternative methods other than steam explosion to break down the hemp/marijuana fibers.

  • Loyalist has begun creating pre-treated material for us to create samples from. Lower temperatures are being used to eliminate the off smell/flavours.

  • Demolition on laboratory is complete and our contractor is making quick work of the mezzanine in the warehouse.

  • Continued working with packaging line providers on designs and quotations.

  • The team is working to develop standard documentation for engineering and procurement.

  • Transportation for the tanks at DME has been arranged, we should receive these in early Feb.


  • Colin will be submitting the RFQ for the Phase 1 boiler. This unit has been sized to operate the 20bbl brewhouse and pulping/washing portions of the plant.

  • We will finalize the specs for the glycol and air system so that we can issues RFQ for this equipment.

  • Work with the packaging line providers to finalize layouts and quotations before the end of Jan.

  • Continue trials at Loyalist and Glen Falls.


  • We need to move ahead with the purchase of the 20bbl brewhouse. If there are any questions that need to be answered on this, I will make myself available to discuss this.

All, Product TeamDooma Wendschuh