Product Team Update December 14, 2018



  • The Boil at Grain and Grit was completed. The solids within the slurry created some challenges pumping the product from the kettle, through the heat exchanger and back into the tote. The heat exchanger clogged twice forcing us to abandon approx. 25 – 35gal of product at the bottom of the kettle.The lost product was mostly the solids dropping out from the boil. The tote has been returned to refrigerated storage until the filter press trials.

  • The purchase order has been issued for the demolition work. This will begin prior to the holidays and is expected to be completed in early January.

  • The funds for the brewhouse have been transferred to the escrow agent, and we should receive our brewhouse early January at the latest.

  • We received the inspection report on the used front-end equipment for the pre-treatment process. The tornado pulper is in good condition but the chopper and robot were not recommended. We have gone back to the seller with a revised offer on the equipment and will work to close a deal this week.

  • Draft of the dispensary have circulated back and forth between our team and Ehvert.

  • The Loyalist team presented their analysis of a single stage process vs. a 2-stage process. The results of the analysis proved there was no significant benefit to 2 stage process.

  • A meeting was held with Grimsby Power and Fengate this week to discuss the power requirements. Grimsby Power estimates a 6-month lead time on upgrading the utility.

  • Rob Kevwitch has agreed to come on board full-time starting Feb 1 and will be moving to the Grimsby area full-time by April.

  • Three packaging line designs have been submitted and all 3 have been commented on and returned.


  • Working to coordinate the delivery and set up of the Brewhouse.

  • Finalize an agreement for the used pre-treatment equipment.

  • Hold a kickoff meeting with the demolition contractors.

  • Hold a working session with the team to build out the plan for achieving our 2019 objectives.


  • We need to arrange financing for the capital items.

All, Product TeamDooma Wendschuh