Product Team Update December 7, 2018



  • The focus this week has been on the persistent smoke aroma/taste in the hemp sugar. The team has had several discussions on this and come up with several options and a plan to eliminate this issue. This will continue to be the primary focus during the coming weeks as we are looking to resolve the issue prior to the holidays.

  • Filter press trials were completed on the 1000L tote of sugar. Two filter presses were used, the smaller unit had the finer filter that showed more promise for our application. The larger unit had a more porous filter that did not meet our requirements.

  • We are scheduling a second trial later this month using a large press with the finer filters.

  • Ehvert finalized the HVAC drawings for the licensure application, this has been confirmed by Elfi at Eurofins.

  • We have an agreement in place with the Alverez to purchase a 20bbl brewhouse from the sale of the DME assets in receivership. In addition to this we have an option to purchase Brock St. Brewing’s old 25bbl system. The all-in price to purchase, transport to Grimsby, install and commission is $250k.

  • Colin, Steven and I are working to finalize the Gantt chart and capital budget of the build out of the Grimsby facility.

  • The demolition agreement has been awarded and we will begin construction before the holidays


  • Continue working to resolve the smoke smell/flavour issue. Samples of clarified product from loyalist have been sent to Rob for tasting.

  • We will be meeting with Lakeside and Burkert to discuss engineering design and automation for production and brewing.

  • Review Alfa Laval and CFT proposal for brewhouse equipment.

  • Develop the construction drawings and scope of work for the laboratory.

  • Finalise the capital plan and budget.


  • We need to arrange financing for the capital items.

All, Product TeamDooma Wendschuh