Productivity Team Update March 8, 2019



  • This week we welcomed our new Business Development and Fundraising Team Intern, Aydan. We did a day-long training with her and helped coordinate the Fundraising Team’s internal training. Welcome to the team, Aydan!

  • We ordered extra laptops for the office.

  • We met with the installation team for our new internet solution and are working through a few technical issues with the building before scheduling the install.

  • We helped build-out plans in Smartsheet for several lobbying efforts and have been doing daily touch points to make sure those initiatives are moving forward quickly.

  • We helped Legal finish updating their Gantt Chart for Alcohol Licensure.

  • We held the company-wide presentation on 2018 bonuses. There are definitely improvements we can plan for next year, but hopefully it was helpful for all involved.

  • We conducted several promising follow-up interviews for President.


  • Hopefully our Bioprocess candidate will be visiting.

  • We have a meeting set with a local MP and need to make sure we have all our supplemental materials ready to be presented.

  • Much of the week will be focused on calculating 2018 bonuses and getting sign-off on those amounts.

  • We have a long planning call set for team leaders to review important milestones for 2019 product goals to make sure everyone is aligned on deadlines, strategy, and possible risks. After that meeting we’ll need to build out any important initiatives identified.


  • If you have any recommendations for the positions below, please let us know.