Productivity Team Update March 1, 2019



  • This week we went out with an offer to a Bioprocess Scientist that we’re very excited about. This likely won’t be a quick close as he’s not from Ontario and will want to visit and tour the facility. While we work through the process with him, we are still pushing forward several other promising candidates.

  • We finalized a contract with a new intern for the Business Development and Fundraising Team. We also coordinated several interviews with interns for the Product Team.

  • We got out the job description for a new Business Development and Fundraising Manager. If you know of anyone who might be a good fit, please let us know. Remember there is a $5,000 Referral Bonus for any friend of Province that refers someone who ultimately fills an open role.

  • We got G-Suite up and running for the Productivity Team and are making plans to roll it out to other teams in the near future.

  • We held the final meeting with company leadership to review final plans for calculating and rolling out 2018 bonuses. We also scheduled a time next week to do a company-wide presentation on the plan.

  • We completed revisions on our Smartsheet Forms for submitting POs, invoices and receipts and rolled them out to the team.


  • We need to plan a visit for our bioprocess candidate.

  • Due to inclement weather we needed to delay the installation of our new internet solution to this coming week.

  • Dooma found an amazing deal on an LED screen for our conference room, and now we need to figure out how to get the beast of a monitor installed.

  • We’ve been discussing several lobbying efforts, and have decided to prioritize updating our 3-year hiring plan to better represent how we can bring jobs and opportunities to the region. We hope to at least have a first, rough a dirty edit of that completed by early next week.


  • If you have any recommendations for the positions below, please let us know.