Productivity Team Update January 12, 2018



  • This week we held a call to review the large Gantt Chart we built out to track the LP deal we’re working on. It was incredibly helpful to get everyone’s feedback and make sure we were all on the same page.
  • We also spent a good deal of time speaking with the Production Team, planning out their current initiatives for the near term until we bring on new team members to assist in their efforts.
  • On that note, we also worked hard to keep our hiring Gantt Chart up-to-date with all the candidates moving through our review process.


  • We appreciate everyone trying out the new company scrum structure last week. That experience actually gave us an idea to further re-vamp our Kanban Board and scrum structure, which we look forward to discussing with the team at the next meeting.


  • Speaking with a possible Product Team candidate about SmartSheet this past week made us think about something we wanted to mention to everyone working with it. SmartSheet, beyond anything else, is a communication tool. Please treat it as such. If you’re past-due on a task and there’s a reason or something you’re waiting for to complete it, note it in the notes section or right in the task name. This will allow us to help remove roadblocks as we review sheets.