Product Team Update January 19, 2018



  • We are preparing to start the Ontario Centers of Excellence-funded project at Loyalist College. Specific updates:
    • We are close to making an offer to a bioprocess engineer who can oversee the project on Province’s behalf.
    • We are hard at work on the Experimental Design Document, Budget, and Schedule for the project
    • We are helping recruit a student to lead the project from the Loyalist side.
    • We have reviewed the Loyalist equipment list and are working on our own equipment list
  • We are continuing to develop our flavour iterations. Playing round with roasting hemp seeds this week.
  • We are continuing work on our Phase II project with Pure Hemp
  • We are continuing efforts to hire someone to lead the Product Department. We’ve included some images, etc.
  • We visited a location which could be a great location for our brewery. It’s out in Cobourg – but right near the train station. Very exciting.

Roasting hemp seeds



  • Thanks to Aman Chatha, we are visiting a brewery for sale on Tuesday. It is right in the center of Toronto so likely will be very expensive. Expect more on this next week. 
  • We may move forward on a deal for a brewery. Will decide in the coming weeks


  • Need help finding a brewery we can buy or space we can rent within 2 hours of Toronto
  • Still looking for bioprocess engineers
All, Product TeamDooma Wendschuh