Legal & Finance Update January 12, 2018



  • This week we began work on our US federal and state filings related to our seed round financing. We have allotted about 2 weeks to complete the process.
  • We also worked to get organized in preparation for the LP partner transaction. We also began replying to their supplemental due diligence request list.
  • In the ordinary course of business we worked on offer letters, employment agreements, and other corporate governance documents.
  • This week was our first full week with the Province legal interns. Their plates are very full. They are double checking our due diligence documents, helping with the blue sky filings, and occasionally they are also working on a few discreet research projects.


  • This week we have our last tutorial call with Solium/Shareworks. We are expecting drafts of the definitive agreements for our LP partnership. We are planning to send over the first draft of the definitive agreement for Pure Hemp Technologies.
  • The next two weeks will be a great challenge for our department we will be working to complete a major transaction with an LP partner to solidify our joint venture. This is pretty exciting but it will be a challenge for our department. There are those that might doubt that we are are ready for the task whether that be as a company or a department given our size. We have done the impossible before. In fact, we prepared due diligence for this project in record time. We are planning to continue working on stepping up to the challenge. Thankfully, the Productivity department is helping us with organization and the Business Development department is working on being our second line of review for business concepts to be incorporated into the transaction. We have interns who will be helping with admin work. Bennett Jones will represent us as outside counsel, and we have two consultants who will step in and help with drafting tasks.


  • We are looking for a mid-level person to help out in the legal department as we ramp up towards the goal of a going public.