Team Member Spotlight / Carte Blanche February 9, 2018


Amal Bhandari, Bioprocess Engineer

My name is Amal Bhandari, and I work as a bioprocess engineer for Province Brands. In my career, I have been involved in different projects to synthesize sugar and bioethanol from biomass while working in Finland and Denmark. 

My encounter with Province was serendipitous and when the Province team introduced their idea to me, I immediately realized that I wanted to be a part of the team that creates the "alcohol killer." In my role, I will help Province develop the processes for the world's first beer and gin entirely synthesized from cannabis.

I joined Province in early February 2018, and I am already working to develop the processes that will create our products. Our team is very excited to bring Province Brands' products to the global market in the near future. I really hope that once created, consumers will enjoy our products that are socially and economically sustainable as much, if not more, than they enjoy traditional beverages.