Team Member Spotlight / Carte Blanche January 5, 2018



I am a third-year student attending the University of Ottawa’s Common Law Program. Before going to law school, I graduated with high distinction from the University of Toronto, obtaining a Specialized Honors Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. My research focused on Romantic-period literature, and I had a particular interest in studying the prophetic poetics of William Blake. From an academic perspective, I had unusual luck during the final year of my undergraduate studies, where I was able to both co-found the University of Toronto Criminology Review and – because I had the highest GPA in University College – obtain the prestigious Woodhouse Scholarship.

Although I enjoyed my undergraduate studies, I was motivated to attend law school, in part, because I wanted to distinguish myself from most humanities graduates by becoming a barrister instead of a barista. At law school, perhaps as an extension of my undergraduate focus on poetics, I became most interested in immersing myself in the specialized language of contracts. I directly pursued that interest during my internship with Globalive Capital, where I assisted the Chief Legal Officer with reviewing and reorganizing several telecom subsidiaries, including most notably Yak Communications and OneConnect Services.

At law school, perhaps in reaction to my confinement in an ivory tower during my undergraduate studies, I have instead spent most of my free time assisting and advocating on behalf of marginalized groups. To that end, I have assisted a child protection lawyer with several of her legal aid clients; volunteered with Pro Bono Ontario as a case-worker; and continue to volunteer with Pro Bono Canada as a legal researcher. Outside of law-related extra-curricular activities, I enjoy volunteering at food banks, gardening, and watching combat sports with friends.

Based on my aforementioned background and experiences, above all else, I have learned the importance of saying “yes” to exciting opportunities, such as interning at Province Brands. What makes Province Brands so exciting to me is the company’s dynamic business plan, which promises to not only revolutionize the recreational consumption of cannabis products, but to also shake up the more conventional LCBO offerings!