Legal & Finance Update September 15, 2017



  • This week we have been working to step in for Dooma as he was away from Toronto this week to help his family prepare and recover from Hurricane Irma.
  • We also sent our newest team member Krina to an intensive seminar on crowd funding to determine if that option is in fact the right option for the company.  
  • Perhaps the most important thing for the legal department this week was the review of the lease agreement for our new space as well as the review of the revised agreement for the potential partnership with JWC. We have high hopes for this partnership and believe we are making major steps towards closing a deal.
  • We are making progress on the transition to Solium. 
  • We finalized the agreement with our branding executive.


  • We are looking forward to selecting a new document management software. We received several suggestions from investors and we appreciate your help. We will be making a decision soon.
  • Closing the deal with Thought Launch regarding the new broker structure. 


  • We have a few questions about zoning in the Kitchner area. If you know anyone who has contacts with the local government we could use help with finding a helpful resource in the zoning department. 
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