Legal & Finance Update September 1, 2017



  • With the legal department there will be times that our weekly update is going to be a little more boring than the other teams. This week is such a time. This is what is happening:
    • We are planning to proceed with Phase One of our trademark applications – this means filing 18 trademark applications for our brand’s name and our primary products.
    • Our transition to Solium is moving on a steady pace
    • We spent time updating our ESOP
    • Thought Launchdeal is changing and updating 
  • The rest of the department’s time has been spent finalizing, revising, and following up on our primary deals and agreements.  
  • There are a few deals (like the deal with JWC) that are moving at the rate of molasses but don’t worry that pace is normal for bigger transactions.  
  • Check out our Solium transient summary document for more information about the transition. 


  • We have a long list of to do’s this week most related to transitioning to Solium and our corporate document clean up. 
  • We received several suggestions for a document management system. Thank you! Please keep the suggestions coming. 


  • We have a few questions about zoning in the Kitchner area. If you know anyone who has contacts with the local government we could use help with finding a helpful resource in the zoning department.